Investment Criteria

We are looking for a company seeking transition of ownership and management to a new leadership, ensuring continuity while preserving its legacy

Viriato Capital has the objective to acquire a majority stake (ideally 100%) on a single company and integrate and lead its management into its next wave of growth, seeking continuity of a value creation project

We are looking for a healthy company in a growing industry with an EBITDA profit of more than 2 million euros and an owner looking to gradually reduce his/her involvement in the day-to-day management tasks

Single acquisition

Acquire a majority stake (ideally 100%) of a single company (or a buy-and-build strategy)

Legacy and continuity

Gradually substitute the current owner in the top management role, integrating and leading the current team

Long term

Committed to the long-term success of the business, being exclusively dedicated to the company without a pre-defined time horizon (i.e. without a 5-7 years limit)

Preferred investment criteria