We have experience in similar processes and are committed to facilitate the acquisition for all involved stakeholders

We are committed to a solid, predictable and efficient process, and to guaranteeing full confidentiality to all involved parties

The entire pre-acquisition process can last from 4 to 6 months. This starts with a first conversation, and we would be happy to discuss it in depth with any owner who might have any question. We are conscious of the importance of this process for all stakeholders and hence our goal is to make it easy, smooth and transparent

After the acquisition, the Partners of Viriato Capital will lead the management team of the company on a full-time basis and focus their efforts in growing the business

We will bring all our passion and experience into the business, being exclusively dedicated to it and working from the company’s facilities

Our plan is to manage the business with a goal of sustainable growth in size and profits, both organically and inorganically. Our goal is to seek long term, healthy and sustainable growth built on the foundations of business continuity and legacy of the current owners

Processes efficiency

Improvement of business processes following international best-in-class practices to boost business performance

Organic growth

Organic business growth, digitisation and international expansion – keep doing what the company does best, reinforcing it with an external perspective

Inorganic growth

Acquisition of strategic competitors to grow fast in less penetrated markets or to enrich product and client portfolio